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se. today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm having a hard time. visibility is down to nothing. >> they can't fly us out of here until monday. >> it's really wet and heavy. >> a monster winter storm plows through the midwest. >> more than 1,000 flights have been canceled. >> and the timing couldn't be worse. today is going to be the busiest travel day of the holiday season. we're like please don't cancel our flights. >> tens of thousands without power. >> winter weather advisories in 12 states from the midwest to the northeast. >> i hope this stops soon. republicans plan b to solve the fiscal cliff hanger the go an f. >> house speaker john boehner revealed the gop could not rally enough support within the party. >> have a merry christmas. agents call one of the two inmates who escaped from the metropolitan correctional center in chicago on tuesday. [ bell toll ]
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a moment of silence to mark one week since the mass shooting in newtown. has this rocked your faith in god? >> absolutely not but it's done something about my faith in human beings. in exchange for $1 users can message people they don't know. the story got a lot of attention and most of us talking. when you see the video you'll know why. >> why! suzy favor hamilton has been working as a $600 prostitute. a car bursts into flames after crashing in florida and officers risking their lives to pull the unconscious driver out. according to the mayan calendar, december 21st, 2012 was supposed to be a dreaded doomsday. >> i couldn't think of a better place to spend the last day on earth than with you, letterman. lighten up. it's all good. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i think it's safe to say the world hasn't ended and the aliens haven't come out to rescue us. >> of course for me it ended
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with the series finale of "gossip girl." welcome to "cbs this morning" from washington it is the first day of winter and it looks like it in much of the midwest the first major snowstorm of the season is being blamed for at least eight deaths so far and things could get worse. this morning at least 18 states are dealing with snow rain and high winds. >> more than 100 miles of interstate highways had to be closed at the height of the storm. airlines have canceled more than 1,000 flights yesterday and today, and that storm is pushing into the northeast, complicating plans for millions of americans on the busiest travel day of the season. dean reynolds is at chicago's o'hare airport. dean, good morning. >> good morning, charlie and norah. it appears most of the flights arriving at chicago's o'hare airport from the west are on schedule and that the airlines
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and their passengers are getting back on track. for four days now the storm has kept up its punishing strike, state after state feeling the sting. the system is moving toward the east coast after blasting the rockies with snow and wind spawning tornadoes down south and giving the midwest its first real taste of winter this season. >> i hope this stops soon. >> reporter: nearly 20 inches of snow fell in wisconsin thursday while parts of iowa saw more than a foot. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts quickly whipped into whiteout conditions blinding some drivers. in iowa a 25-vehicle pile-up claimed the lives of two people. the storm knocked out power to thousands as the temperatures dipped into the teens. the nasty weather of course didn't stop the u.s. postal service but it did bring some air travel to a halt. airlines were forced to cancel roughly 1,000 flights thursday most of them at chicago's o'hare
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airport. that's where the o'day family had been hoping to catch a plane to miami in time for a cruise. >> they told us they can't fly us out of here until monday which is two days after our ship leaves. >> reporter: now they have to make the 1,400 mile trek another way. >> my wife checked all other airlines, there's nothing out there. the only option we have is to drive. >> reporter: now driving is still pretty good option actually, as the colder temperatures and the high winds continue to persist, as the storm moves east and that could cause more delays. ch d norah? >> dean reynolds thank you. let's get the latest from meteorologist mike augustyniak in charlotte. >> good morning the storm dropped a lot of snow in the midwest. highest i could find was the town just north of des moines iowa, almost 14 inches of snow.
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rochester, minnesota, six inches and here in the twin cities just 0.6 of an inch of snow. now the storm is a problem for the great lakes and for the northeast, with that snow and wind battling areas that are from say around toronto to detroit, down to cincinnati it's heavy rain this morning in the northeast, and then that will change over to some snow showers with more wind coming up this afternoon. speaking of snowfall totals it doesn't look like we'll have blockbuster amounts in most areas, an inch to three inches in the white shaded areas but some of the higher terrain areas in parts of with of wf 8 to 14 inches of snow and near blizzard conditions with snows downwind of the great lakes as well. major travel disruptions in philly, in new york city back to chicago, both o'hare and midway and a lot of flight delays likely from detroit to cleveland to cincinnati down to charlotte. this storm is going to be with us for the next couple of days. charlie, back to you. >> thanks.
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last night may have been one of the worst moments of john boehner's political career. it may have brought the country one step closer to the fiscal cliff. boehner is speaking to reporters at this hour. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> reporter: what a mess. this maneuver was meant to strengthen boehner's hand in negotiations with the president but it backfired and now debt reduction talks may be falling apart as they have several times before. with no democratic support for his go it alone plan boehner needed almost all republicans to hang together but they didn't. >> don't have the votes. got to have the votes. >> reporter: dejected republicans streamed out of an emergency meeting last night where speaker boehner told them he was canceling the vote on his plan b bill because too many conservatives had vowed to vote no. louisiana's john fleming was one of them. >> i would just say we have different thoughts and ideas and approaches to this problem, and
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we just couldn't get enough consensus. >> reporter: boehner's strategy to introduce his own bill despite ongoing talks with the president was a risky one from the beginning. the white house press secretary described it as -- >> a multiday exercise in futility. >> reporter: boehner's bill would have extended the low bush-era tax rates for households making up to $1 million a year far higher than the president's proposed cutoff of $400,000 but boehner ran afoul of his own right flank, members who opposed letting taxes rise for anyone. democrats said the setbacks showed boehner needs to craft a plan with the president that can win over centrists from both parties. but boehner released a statement that made it sound like he was walking away from the talks all together, saying "now it is up to the president to work with senator reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff." he told house members to go home for the christmas holiday, because there's nothing more they can do right now.
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>> it's unbelievable. this is horrible. i mean i'm angry. i'm sad for my friend the speaker, and i'm sad for the country. >> reporter: many republican this is morning are blaming the president, saying he didn't give enough on spending cuts and put the speaker in an impossible negotiating position on taxes. the white house will say they put forward $850 billion worth of cuts something that's very difficult for democrats to do. speaker boehner is holding a press conference at this hour where we'll hear if he truly is walking away from these negotiations with just 11 days to go before the deadline. >> nancy cordes thank you very much. former governor haley barbourileyley barbour is with us. welcome. >> thank you. >> does that mean we're going over the fiscal cliff? >> they'll have to. the house previously passed legislation to continue the tax cuts. the house yesterday passed
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legislation to avert the sequestration. now the question is will the democrats in the senate or the president accept that or come back with some other offer. the house has already done two things necessary to avert the fiscal cliff and the sequestration. i wish they had passed what they did last night. >> you were saying to the republicans i would have voted with him. >> i would have voted with him and i'll tell you why. what they voted on or what they considered yesterday would have never become law but it would have put the ball at the other end of the court and shown the american people look the republicans have bent over backwards, they think raising taxes is terrible, that it's going to hurt the economy and going to cost jobs but they held their nose and compromised. there have been no compromises on the other side none zero zip. >> well -- >> it is quite true. >> hold on here we had last night the republican conference turn their back on their speaker, and he got up and gave
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the serenity prayer, almost cried in front of the conference and everybody is going home for christmas without getting their job done. what happened? why has the republican party turned their back on speaker boehner? >> look they may have been five votes short out of 233, okay so let's don't say that all the conference turned their back. he might have had 200 votes. takes 218. if you know something i don't know say it but i don't think they were very short, very far short, but again, remember the house has already passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff and the senate has refused to take it up. > you essentially had the speaker do this plan b which didn't have any spending cuts in it, it was a plan that would essentially only raise taxes on millionaires and he couldn't get his own party to agree with that. essentially it looks like the republican party is on record of protecting millionaires from tax cuts. politically was it a huge
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blunder? >> for the republicans, what we need to get to focus on is spending. several of these republicans said this does nothing with b spending. an example cbo last week put out these numbers, charlie, i think it's important for your viewers to know this october/november, the first two months of the fiscal year taxes went up $30 billion. that is a 10% increase over taxes in the previous october/november but the deficit increased $57 billion because spending went up $87 billion. taxes up 30 spending up 87 spending is the problem here and there's nothing that these republicans, i don't agree with them but i can imagine them saying there's nothing in here about the real problem. >> two points it's also eric cantor was in favor of this as well and supported it enthusiastically. the democrats say we put spending cuts on the table number one and number two, the question is what else could the
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president have done to give john boehner the ability to convince his own party? >> well the president toward the end of the negotiations has been serious about spending. at one point in the negotiation -- >> what do you mean when you say serious about spending. >> charlie at one point in the negotiations the vehicle was his budget from this year. not one democrat in congress voted to are that budget. it got zero votes in the house or senate and they thought that should be some of what they should have started with. come on now. the senate hasn't passed a budget in three years. the house republican have passed a budget the last two years that they've controlled congress. we need to get serious about spending because spending is the problem. >> it seems to me we need to trust each other, and there's a level of nobody's trusting the other to come forward to do what they say they might do. >> i noticed a quote in one of the papers some businessmen says it looks like everybody's
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posturing and that's a legitimate complaint. >> posturing is not trusting. >> that is legitimate. >> governor barbour, thank you. we'll hear about gun control on "face the nation" bob schieffer interviewed nra's president david keene. it is one week since the newtown, connecticut, school shooting which changed the gun control debate. short time ago americans paused to honor the 20 children and 6 women who were killed in that massacre. bell toll [ bell tolling ] church bells rang 26 times as newtown officials and residents stood with connecticut governor dan malloy. churches also rang their bells in washington and other cities. on thursday services were held for six of the people killed inside sandy hook elementary school. there was also a funeral in new hampshire for nancy lanza, the
7:14 am
mother and first victim of gunman adam lanza. seth doane is in newtown where more funerals for the victims will be held this morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie and good morning to our viewers in the west. across the country, governors and mayors have called for a special day of mourning and a moment of silence to mark one week since this tragedy. >> it sucks. there's no reason for us to be here tonight. >> reporter: expressions of disbelief and grief echoed across the country. robbie parker father of first grader emilie parker spoke at her memorial service held thursday night, where pink ribbons line roadways. >> you slowly begin to realize even though this is such a personal and internal thing for us, i started to really feel how much it touched everybody everywhere. >> reporter: in newtown, motorcades and funeral
7:15 am
processions continue to jam its small streets. everywhere every hour it seems another group salutes yet another victim. [ bell tolling ] memorials grow as expressions of sympathy pour onto streets, and into mailboxes. the local post office has been inundated inundated. >> we're getting cards, we're getting letters, we're getting packages maybe teddy bears or some sort of something they want to provide to the family for comfort. >> reporter: christine dugas has been with the postal service for 20 years. she says they're getting more condolence letters than they can store in the facility. >> thousands a day. >> reporter: thousands a day? >> thousands a day from as far away from england, sicily australia and every part of this country, north south, east and west. >> reporter: virtual messages of sympathy fill the website evergrant in a section called "our broken hearts" users have posted comments and videos from around the world.
7:16 am
>> i just want to express my deepest, deepest sympathies for the people of newtown, connecticut. >> words just are even inadequate at this point but i wanted to send you this video so you know how much love and support is coming from florida to you. >> reporter: there is also a special moment of silence that is being asked for online. organizers are asking people not to post to facebook or to tweet for five minutes starting at 9:30 this morning. >> all right, seth doane, thank you. we have new information on the two bank robbers who escaped from a high-rise chicago prison. jose banks was captured last night in chicago without incident. he and kenneth conley escaped tuesday morning, broke through a window and climbed down nearly 20 stories using a robe made from bed sheets. conley remains at large. some of the headlines from around the globe, the new york stock exchange is being sold in
7:17 am
intercontinental exchange an electronic company based in atlanta agreed to pay $8.2 billion for the 220-year-old exchange. the new york stock exchange trading floor will remain on wall street. bernard madoff's brother has been sentenced to ten years in prison. peter madoff had been helping his brother run a ponzi scheme that swindled investors out of billions of dollars. peter madoff pleaded guilty to falsifying documents and lying to securities regulators. at thursday's sentencing he said he's deeply ashamed. "usa today" reporting instagram is backtracking from a new privacy policy as we reported there was a huge backlash when the website suggested it would use customer photos in ads. instagram says it has no intention of selling photos for ads and it never did. the "l.a. times" says facebook is testing a new user fee to allow customers to send messages to the regular inboxes
7:18 am
of people who are not their friends. right now the messages go to a box for other which is also known as spam. queen elizabeth's christmas speech will be broadcast in 3-d for the first time. spokeswoman says they want to do something big and special in the jubilee year. the queen calls the 3-d message a strong storm now sliding into the bay area. we are seeing gusty winds and heavy rainfall overnight. some amounts in the north bay over 4" of rain already. that continuing to slide to the south throughout the day today so with periods of heavy rainfall, the temperatures are going to stay cool, highs only into the 50s outside, storming too. next couple of days including the weekend the rain is going to be on and off, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. a brief break on monday, maybe some showers on tuesday.
7:19 am
today is the last day of the 5,000 year mayan calendar. some say the world will end, others say it's the dawn of a new age. this morning, how people are preparing for doomsday or simply waiting for tomorrow. and high companies are paying billions for bogus lawsuits. >> you'd rather spend $1.5 million to defend this and win than spend $100,000 to settle
7:20 am
it. >> because i believe it's wrong. >> reporter: we'll look at silicon valley's big, new problem on "cbs this morning." morning." ♪ ♪ she's not famous. ♪ ♪ she's never been on a red carpet. ♪ ♪ but she's the star of my life. [ female announcer ] kay jewelers presents a new collection from hollywood's premier jewelry designer -- neil lane designs. my designs are inspired by hollywood's glamorous past. [ female announcer ] hand-crafted diamond rings earrings, and necklaces with a vintage look. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. for the star in your life. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪
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2u ladies and gentlemen, we have for you now mayan predictions that have come true. >> in the fifth century, the mayans correctly predicted a prominent new york jets player would fumble after running into his teammate's [ bleep ]. this has been mayan predictions that have come true a division of dow chemical.
7:25 am
>> all you can do is laugh about this craziness. we're all still here that's >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. four people are being treated for injuries after a hit-and- run in san francisco. it happened just before 9:00 last night in the twin peaks area. one of the victims has injuries considered life-threatening. investigators have detained a suspect and are looking into whether drugs or alcohol were factors. >> police are being called out to several bay area shopping malls this morning to combat big crowds. it's all in response to the release of the new air jordan 11 shoe. very popular. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. let's head to 101 in the north bay. we have reports of flooding on the roadway in the right lane. of course we are dealing with rain this morning so be careful on the roads. 880 so far, so good "friday light" northbound as you head to the maze. southbound no delays hayward, fremont, all looking good in fact south 880 clear to the south bay. if you are connecting to 237 through milpitis, no delays towards 101. and the golden gate bridge looking good. not bad as you head into san francisco right now. but again, we are dealing with wet weather this morning. lawrence? >> yeah, gianna. most of that heavy rainfall concentrated in the north bay this morning. in fact, some of the mountains there over 4" of rain already. still counting. high-def doppler radar showing you that whole line of storms sagging further south. we have seen showers into san francisco. but we are going to see rain on and off throughout the entire bay area today. the temperatures are expected to stay cool. all those highs only going to be in the 50s. this opens the door for a series of storms to roll into the bay area the next couple of days and looks like a stormy
7:28 am
weekend on and off. wouldn't be surprised if we saw some thunderstorms, maybe more showers on christmas day. ?ñ
7:29 am
♪ here comes the sun, here comes the sun and i say it's all right ♪ everything is all right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm norah o'donnell with charlie rose here in washington. it is december 21st, the last day of the mayan calendar. since we're still talking and you're still watching us the world has not ended. >> thank god for that. john blackstone says some people will keep worrying until they wake up safe and sound tomorrow morning. >> reporter: all this year doomsdayers are saying t.s.
7:30 am
eliot had it backwards it will not end with a whimper but with a bang. this is what they've been saying today will look like the end of the mayan calendar december 21st means mass destruction on a global scale as seen in the hollywood blockbuster "2012." but scientists remain unconvinced. >> the earth is not coming to an end. there's no evidence whatsoever for that. >> reporter: in fact nasa has taken a lead role in debunking the mayan myth posting several youtube videos attempting to soothe the shaken populous. >> no known asteroids or comets are on a collision course with earth. >> reporter: nasa has a website intended to put people's minds at ease some 5 million people have logged on to read reassuring words like "the world will not end in 2012. our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years." experts say the public's fears may be unwarranted, but they're
7:31 am
understandable. >> it is a reflection of the human tendency to be unsettled by uncertainty and these are certainly unsettled times, making that uncertainty even greater. >> reporter: outside moscow some aren't taking any chances. they'll be riding out today in a cold war era bunker about 185 feet underground. the price? the equivalent of $1,000 per person. come tomorrow morning we'll know if it was worth the rubles to avoid the rubble. but no matter what doomsday clock watcher also gather everywhere from the mayan ruins where it all began to griffith observatory in los angeles, which is staying open until midnight tonight to handle the crowds and it won't take a rocket scientist to prove the world hasn't ended. >> if you like you can look down on december 22nd and see that the earth is still here. >> reporter: some mayan experts say the calendar doesn't mark a ending but a new beginning.
7:32 am
that sounds familiar here in san francisco's haight-ashbury with the dawning of the age of aquarius where peace and love would rule the world. that didn't happen either. john blackstone in san francisco. >> with us now is mihio kakue, best selling author good morning. >> good morning. >> is this much adieu about nothing? >> well all week i've been telling people don't quit your day job. for god's sake pay your rent and do your laundry. the irony is the mayans never made this prophecy. the mayan calendar is cyclical, this was hijacked about by a doomsday that does tv specials propagating these things. remember y2k, every ten years. >> where does it come from money, people wanting to make a buck. >> that's right, this is a cash
7:33 am
cow unfortunately. it's a cash cow because there are over 3,000 books available on the internet about this so-called disaster. now if the so-called prophecy were correct, all you have to do is look up. the sky should be on fire. we should be colliding with the black hole or the tenth planet out there, but hey, it's raining and snowing. the sky is not on fire. >> all right professor, you are a physics professor so explain to us what it would take to bring the end of the world. >> well there are the possibilities of a meteor or comet impact like what happened 65 million years ago an object about 6 miles across slammed into mexico. however, even though that event killed the dinosaurs we see no evidence of any meteor or comet out there in outer space at the present time. >> let me ask you about this year it's going to end up being the hottest year on record. what does that say about the state of our planet? >> you know this mayan prophecy
7:34 am
saying i think it's a detour. there's some real problems facing the planet earth. as you pointed out, this year could go down as one of the hottest years ever recorded in the history of science going back more than a century, this decade could go down as the hottest decade ever recorded so there's real problems facing the earth but this is a detour distraction from what we really have to face like the heating up of the planet earth. that's a real problem. >> and is there a point of no return on global warming? >> well we think there's still time, okay. if we were to rein in greenhouse gases we think there's still time. >> professor, thank you. half a trillion dollars is a lot of money, that's what a battle over patents is costing silicon valley. we'll show you why it could get worse, when "cbs this morning" continues.
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there's a photo going around where president obama is playing around with a boy dressed like spider-man. take a look at this. obama is going, shouldn't you be fighting the green goblin while the kid is going shouldn't you be working on the fiscal cliff? no problem, kid. the kid was excited to meet president obama. biden was excited to meet
7:40 am
spider-man. it seems as if every time a high-tech company comes one something new, another company file as patent lawsuit saying they had it first. experts say all these lawsuits are significantly damaging the american economy by slowing the global innovation. >> we found a case in point. a man who says he's willing to risk it all to fight for what's right. this is his battle in the wider patent wars. austin meyer has always been fascinated with flying. >> planes mean a lot to you. >> yeah, yeah absolutely. yeah, it's like i was born in the cockpit. >> it was that passion that caused him to start righting x-plane. a flight simulator program that grew into a successful small business. two years ago, myer made an
7:41 am
x-plane app for the android smartphone. things were going great. then this past summer he received a letter. >> this company called unilock filed suit zbept me. >> they're suing myer for patent infringement. they say they own a computer program checking sensor for authorization. it's a routine source that myer and google plug in. >> it is the technology upon which all android apps are based. >> all android apps. >> every one i know of. >> so conceivably they could sue anyone. >> it's the way i understand the lawsuit, the answer to your question is yes. >> reporter: it might sound hard to believe but it's nothing unusual in the tech world today. companies like unilock are
7:42 am
called patent trolls. they don't patent anything. they stockpile them. >> what they do is take advantage of the weaknesses in the system. >> she says patent trolls are badly hurting the american economy. research shows this type of litigation has cost investors an estimated half a trillion dollars since 1990. >> it's not what the constitution intended when the constitution talked about the process. the patent system is supposed to protect innovation or insenty viegs innovation and right now that's not what it's doing. >> we reached out to unilock. >> it's legal. does that mean it's right? i don't think so
7:43 am
it's not just small companies like meyer's. they went off microsoft. 2,700-plus troll lawsuits were filed. a decade ago, it was 144. most even settles because it becomes so expensive. but meyer said he'll go the mat to fight back. >> you're willing to pay how much? >> everything i have everything i will have until it gets to 12 people that will make eight decision based on their best conscience. >> reporter: if it went all the way to a jury decision meyer estimates it will cost him $1.5 million. >> you'd rather spend a million and a half dollars to defend this and win than $100,000 to settle it. >> the answer to your question
7:44 am
is yes. >> reporter: because? >> because i believe it's wrong. >> so, jeff what's the solution to this? >> well one solution is to change the rules and to change the way patents are designed. charlie, keep in mind these worlds were for a mechanical world. we're in a dynamic world now. maybe chang them for software because that is a business that changes much more quickly. >> and then jeff you know it sounds like this is really stifling innovation and it hurts small businesses. >> it does indeed. and keep in mind you know a company like microsoft has the lawyers and the millions or billions in some cases to defend these lawsuits. but when you're a small business man and you have to spend a million and a half dollars to potentially fight one of those these lawsuits for five or ten years, it can make or
7:45 am
all right, storm clouds moving in overnight and looks like it's going to dump around the bay area. we have seen heavy rainfall early on today as much as 4" in the mountains of the north bay. that sliding slowly to the south so it will pick up. rain heavy at times to go along with strong gusty winds. highs only in the 50s today. it will be a soggy friday. and a soggy weekend on tap as we'll see that rain on and off on saturday and sunday, maybe thunderstorms, too. we all know holiday travel is stressful enough. well, throw in a monster winter storm, and you might have a recipe for disaster. so travel editor peter greenberg is here to help you get home for the holidays. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:46 am
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7:49 am
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and hugh hefner god bless him, 86 years old, getting married to his beautiful fiancee crystal who's 26. they're planning their wedding. it's going to be a lot of fun. the ring barer will be hue's little nephew. he's going to come down the aisle. it will be five. he's going to be 65 but it will still be sweet. hugh gave his fiancee a beautiful diamond ring. she gave him a lovely little bracelet, i think it's stirl ling silver or gold bracelet three words, do not rhesus tate. beautiful. >> that is so bad. >> i loved his timing there. he was setting it up for the punch line. >> how many times has hugh
7:51 am
hefner been married? >> i don't know. >> i don't either. anything will tell you "stairway to heaven" the most requested done by led zeppelin. 45 years later the honorees. >> we'll hear how they got their start and got the world turned upside down. that's ahead here on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a police chase in antioch ended in a fiery crash overnight. officers were trying to stop two suspects who robbed the bonfair market on 10th street around 1 a.m. one suspect was arrested after the car crashed into a wall and burst into flames. a second suspect is on the run. police have been called out to several bay area malls this morning to try and manage large crowds. it's in response to the release of the air jordan 11 shoe. malls where crowds formed include the stonestown galleria and the newpark mall in newark.
7:56 am
stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. 2u
7:57 am
good morning from the traffic center. it looks like a lot of folks have the day off this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and not a lot of cars. they have the metering lights turned on at one point but very light as you head into san francisco. same goes for the golden gate bridge. quiet no delays out of marin county. had an earlier trouble spot in san rafael that cleared quickly. 880 windy in the east bay but so far no delays northbound. we have a wind advisory though on our bay area bridges for the bay bridge, and the richmond/san rafael bridge. lawrence? >> i thought it only looked like that when we drove into work. that's kind of nice outside right now. yeah, the rain has been pounding the north bay but now, it's showing signs of moving a little bit further south. we are seeing scattered showers into san francisco but look at that band just off the coastline. that is going to be moving onshore and bringing some heavier rainfall. this whole system sliding south throughout the day today so we are going to see the rain on and off with strong gusty winds. the wind advisory continuing along the coastline until 10 a.m. could see gusts to 50 miles per
7:58 am
hour with that cold front. the rain is going to be on and off throughout the weekend even the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms too. i think on monday we catch a break maybe some more showers on christmas.
7:59 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the midwest digs out after heavy snow blocks highways and left thousands of travelers stranded. we'll see what the storm will do next as it heads east. led zeppelin we'll see if they consider themselves to be the best band ever. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8." it appears that the airlines and their passengers are getting back on track. >> this morning at least 18
8:00 am
states are dealing with snow, rain and high winds. >> airlines have canceled more than 1,000 flights, yesterday and today. >> heavy rain this morning in the northeast and then that will change over to snow showers with more wind. >> last night may have been the worst moment of house speaker john boehner's political career and it may have brought the country one step closer to the fiscal cliff. >> why did the republican party turn their back on boehner? >> he had 200 votes. it takes 218. across the country, governors and 345iers have called for a special day of mourning and a moment of silence to mark one week since this tragedy. >> it's december 21st, the last day of the mayan calendar. since we're still talking and you're watching us the world has not ended. >> thank god for that. >> all week i've been telling people don't quit your day job. pay your rent and do your laundry. >> after three years and six seasons, the final episode of
8:01 am
"jersey shore" aired tonight. or as the mayans put it so we're off by one day. >> i'm charlie with norah o'donnell in washington. gayle king is in new york. in the midwest, there's little doubt this is the first day of winter. a powerful storm left more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> the storm is heading east dumping heavy rain in new england and new york. many of the 1,000 flights canceled are in chicago. dean reynolds is in chicago's o'hare airport. >> reporter: conditions are worsening here at o'hare as long lines of travelers try to get their trips back on track. there are only a dozen or so
8:02 am
canceled canceled flightsç today. there were 500 canceled flights yesterday. iowa got more than a foot of snow wisconsin got almost two feet. 50 mile-an-hour winds caused whiteout conditions on interstates and led to several fatal accidents, one in iowa involved 25 vehicles. now, the storm is moving north and east and is being replaced with bitterly cold temperatures and a reminder that winter has finally arrived. for cbs this morning, dean reynolds, chicago. now to politics, breaking news from the white house where president obama has decided who will replace secretary of state hillary clinton. the president is set to nominate massachusetts senator john kerry, the 2004 democratic presidential nominee. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nor norah. the president decided on kerry this morning and will release a
8:03 am
statement later on this afternoon making it all official. he will replace if confirmed, that's an absolute certainty in the united states senate where he's currently the chairman of the foreign relations committee and well liked by republicans and democrats, he will succeed hillary clinton who announce earlier she intended to leave her post in early 2013. she's suffering from a stomach virus and a resulting concussion. senator kerry when confirmed which will probably happen in early 2013 will have much to do. >> what does he have on his plate? >> well what doesn't he is probably a good answer. syria is a volatile situation. the president knows that the situation with iran and nuclear weapons is intense. all that and much much more. >> all right major garrett, thank you. meanwhile, the fiscal cliff negotiations here in washington are going nowhere and congress is headed home for christmas. house speaker john boehner had to cancel a vote on his plan "b" when he couldn't find enough republican support. nancy cordes is on capitol hill.
8:04 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a risky strategy from the beginning, designed to give speaker boehner more leverage in his negotiations with the president. but it backfired when too many of his own republicans balked at a bill to keep the bush era tax rates in place for anyone making under $1 million. the speaker held a press conference a short time ago to explain what went wrong. >> there was a perception created that that vote last night was going to increase taxes. now, i disagree with that characterization of the bill. that impression was out there. and we had a number of our members who just really didn't want to be perceived as having to raise taxes. that was the real issue. >> speaker boehner said it's up to the president and democratic leaders to come up with a solution to avert the fiscal cliff. for "cbs this morning" i'm nancy cordes on capitol hill. one week after 20 churn and 6 women were murdered at sandy
8:05 am
hook elementary school the national rifle association holds a news conference in washington. they will call for stricter gun laws. bill plante is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning to you. there's a paelt on the white house website. it calls for new gun controls. they've gotten over 400,000 signatures. officials here say that that is by far the biggest response they have ever gotten. >> i just wanted to take a minute today to respond and let you know we hear you. >> the white house released this web video in which the president repeats his call for congress to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the newtown massacre. >> if there's even one thing we can dos so a country to protect our children we have a responsibility to try. >> the president put vice president biden in charge of the effort to develop new legislation by next month. thursday mark the first meeting of his task force. >> the president is absolutely committed to keeping his promise.
8:06 am
that we will act and we will act 'a way that is designed even if he says we could only save one life. we have to take action. >> the national rifle association which has said nothing in the weeks since the shootings are speaking out today. but in its daily online news release thursday, it showed no change in its long-held position that loosening rather than tightening gun restrictions would make the street safer. >> many of these mass killers, they pick their targets for a reason. whether it was that school, whether it was a theater in aurora because they know nobody's going to be there to stop them. they're gun-free zones. >> reporter: attitudes about gun control have shifted modestly in the weeks since the newtown tragedy. 49% of americans now say it's more important to control gun ownership. 42% say it's more important to protect the rights of gun owners. a change since the movie theater shooting in colorado this summer.
8:07 am
that could put the national rifle association on the defensive. >> they need to get in front of it fast. >> reporter: phillip stutts is a crisis management specialist. >> they don't need to go against their principles. but they have to come out and adamantly say we will work to figure out a solution to this problem. >> reporter: meanwhile, of course, the president is trying to get new gun control laws while the public remains outraged against the killings in newtown. but that may be a narrow window as any new legislation will have to go to congress, that could tie it up for months. speaker boehner says he's waiting to see what the vice president comes up with. norah, charlie, gayle? a setback for merck, its new cholesterol drug does not work as advertised. merck will no longer seek fda approval. a major trial of the drug found it raised good cholesterol but did not reduce the risk of heart atrack or stroke. it's sold in 40 other countries. is now warning doctors in those
8:08 am
countries to stop prescribing it. >> frank lloyd wright fans will approve of this story. a home in phoenix designed by the famous architect has been saved from demolition. the four-bedroom circular house made of concrete was sold for more than $2.3 million yesterday. wright originally built the house for his son in 1952. developers bought it earlier this year planning to demolish it and build new homes on the property. the new owner plans to restore the house and seek landmark status for it. one world's greatest landmarks, stonehenge is having a party this morning. more than 5,000 people gathered to watch the sun raise at that that prehistoric monument in england. every year stonehenge has traditional druid celebrations on the first day of winter. organizers say today's crowd was five times bigger than normal. some of them came to mark the end of the mayan calendar and the world didn't end for them either. charlie and norah, i knew you would be in new york.
8:09 am
i was all alone. is it something i said? i bathe. there are 11 days and counting left to make tax decisions that could save you some money. rebecca jarvis will have end of the year advice and we'll find out how the fiscal cliff could change things. that's just ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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waiting too long can cost
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8:17 am
can you believe it's almost the end of the year time to get
8:18 am
ready for tax season? the fiscal cliff is adding a new wrinkle this year. rebecca jarvis is here to help us sort it all out. rebecca? >> hello gayle. >> it seems like we just said happy new year. let's start with the fiscal cliff looming. >> most of what the fiscal cliff is going to impact is taxes starting next year in 2013 and beyond, but there are portions of it that could impact taxpayer this year. about 30 million taxpayers could see their taxes increase this year. 100 million of them according to the irs, could see their refunds delayed. and this is because of something known as the alternative minimum tax. that's the amt. usually they increase that amount, adjust it for inflation. they haven't done it yet. it's all wrapped up in this fiscal cliff debate. if you're somebody make 45g$,000, you could see your taxes go up as much as $4,000
8:19 am
this year if they don't address the issue. >> i was just going to ask you. who would be affected? >> people people. >> all sorts of people. number of tax credits expiring this year? >> yes. and one in particular is an important one. the american tax opportunity credit. this is a credit for people who have taken on tuition and it will help reimburse or refund about a thousand dollars for most taxpayers. it's a $2,500 tuition credit if you're making $80,000 or less as an individual. $160,000 or less as a household, you can claim this. and you want to do it this year because this is the last year. it expires this year. >> and the mortgage interest deduction. i used to always be very grateful for that. >> this used to be a sacred cow. all of a sudden in the fiscal cliff debate. most taxpayers who make $250,000
8:20 am
or less will not be impacted. it's really a great tax break to take. it's important to take it because it's one of the biggest deductions you can get. and frankly if you mail in that january payment before december 31st you can take that as part of your mortgage interest deduction. so mail in the checks early. >> i like that. well, the fact that we're having this conversation means a lot of people haven't done the right thing and done it early. >>cy . i'm a procrastinator. >> hello my name is gayle. >> you want to mail it in before december 31 11st. you want to make sure they send you back a note saying you did this. also volunteer work. if you actually spend your time you can take the deduction. and if you're using turbotax software or tax software they can tell you how to do that. >> volunteer work. >> it counts as a deduction, so does, for example, giving your
8:21 am
belongings. you have to make assure you have a list of all of those things. and if you have the original receipts if you're going to give an article of clothing. if you have an original receipt that's going to help you. you want to talk to your account apt or use your tax software to determine what the value is. >> the last day we can mail in checks to get a right-off. >> december 31st. >> what about flex spending account. i'm always confused by that. >> it is very confusion. every employee has a different model. you have to talk to your employer. you have to determine if you set aside money at the beginning of 2012 to pay for qualified medical purchases, you have to talk to your employer and say 31st. >> human resources, here we come. >> yes, indeed. they're innovate ichb this time of year. here's rock trivia for you.
8:22 am
in 1956 56,000 fans saw led zeppelin in the stadium. charlie sweet is the band's
8:23 am
8:24 am
being treated for injuries.. run in san >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. four people are being treated for injuries after a hit-and- run in san francisco. it happened just before 9:00 last night in the twin peaks area. one of the victims has life- threatening injuries. investigators have detained a suspect. police are being called out to several bay area shopping malls this morning to handle the big crowd forming in response to the release of a new air jordan 11 shoe. and with a major storm bearing down on the bay area on the busiest travel day of the
8:25 am
season, airline officials have canceled about 30 flights so far in and out of sfo. one out of mineta international airport. no flights have been canceled out of oakland. if you are traveling, you should check with your airline ahead of time. stay with us, traffic coming right up.
8:26 am
good morning. we have reports of an accident at the bay bridge westbound right at the incline blocking lanes. not affecting your drive at the toll plaza. so far so traffic is still very
8:27 am
light through here. jumping over to the san mateo bridge, you can see a live look here, extra volume on the westbound side but overall it's been "friday light" around that area. no delays along 101. also one one out of marin county nice toward the golden gate bridge easy breezy through that area. no delays northbound. 880 looking good both directions, windy though on some of our bay area bridges. so use caution this morning. and so far, so good as far as travel times go through the east bay. everything is in the green. and no delays through the south bay. everything is clear and a live look again san mateo bridge. so far, so good. >> four-hour delays at sfo on arriving flights all because of this, the storm system rolling into the bay area slowly sliding south now. heavy rainfall in the north bay some of the mountains there almost five inches of rain now. it's working its way down toward the peninsula. you can see showers into san francisco. it will be heavy at times on and off throughout the day today. it's going to be that slow- moving storm so it will be a soggy friday outside. plan on highs only in the 50s. i think the storm opens the
8:28 am
door to some very unsettled weather throughout the weekend. more stormy weather for tomorrow with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. rain continues on sunday. dry on monday.
8:29 am
did you see this guy on the news? he was the most frequent flyer. he's the first passenger to fly a million miles in a calendar year on united airlines. during the patdown, the agents go, bob? bob, is that you? >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell in washington. >> gayle king is in new york. hi there gayle. >> bob is very specific isn't he? hello you two. don't forget to come back. i decided i don't like being an only child. don't forget to come back. >> we promise to. >> i'll see you in just a sec.
8:30 am
we told you how the airlines have canceled hundreds of flights at chicago's two main airports because of the midwest snowstorm. it's bad timing because there's more than 250,000 passengers scheduled to go through o'hare and midway today alone. that is really part of the trouble picture. 93 million of us will be traveling 50 miles or more during the holidays says aaa. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here ready to help, get everybody on their way. ready, set, go peter. >> let's start with numbers. yesterday they canceled about 1,400 flights. this morning at 7:00 they delayed only 700. in the last hour it's up to 1,300. here's the key. yesterday, 11,000 flights were delayed. it's not a question of cancellations, it's a question of delays. >> right around the holidays. you hear the stories we had a story earlier about a family that planned their cruise months and months ago. >> you should never ever fly to the cruise ship on the day you're supposed to leave.
8:31 am
you have to do a day early. you have to assume your baggage will get there. >> that's good advice. how can we be pro-active today in light of the storm? >> the key is not the cancellation figure it's the delay figure. if you go online that's not always going to help you. the key is what is the plane that is assigned to your flight where is it coming from? if it's coming from the midwest get a book. >> forget about it. >> if it's not, you have a good chance. if you're flying transcom between new york and latch.a., not a problem. >> i would have no clue to find out where my flight is coming from. >> call the airline and say to them i'm on flight 505. can you tell me the tail number assigned to that flight. where is that tail number? it's in belize get i'm not going to boston. >> then the operator is very irritated with you. >> they're working it out with you. >> that is good advice. how are the airlines responding today? how do you think they're doing.
8:32 am
>> they're being fair, letting you cancel or rebook with no change fee or penalty as long as you get your stuff rebooked by december 28th. if it goes beyond that you can use the ticket for the next year, again with no penalty. >> do you think most people will get to holiday destinations on time? >> in time for what? yes, they will. this storm is starting to move out. the airlines have done a pretty good job of preemptively cancelling where they had to and that's a good thing for everybody they'll get back on track much faster. >> my first thought was fedex. i shipped a bunch of stuff yesterday. the first thing i thought was it's not going to make it. >> it is. i'll tell you why. unless memphis is socked into the world's most snowstorm, if you want to send a package to new york brooklyn it still goes through memphis. >> in your opinion the best airline to fly during this kind of storm? do you have a favorite that you think gets it right. >> the one that lands. >> peter greenberg.
8:33 am
>> i ask them two questions if they say they had a terrible flight. did the plane hit a mountain? no the wings cart wheel or explode when you landed? you've landed. >> peter greenberg, always good to see you. led zeppelin's first album spent 73 straight weeks on the charts. since then, the band has sold more than 300 million records. we'll hear from the '70s most popular band next on
8:34 am
8:35 am
[ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. led zeppelin dominated rock music for much of the 1970s. its fans filled arenas and stadiums in record numbers. the three surviving members of back in the spotlight as kennedy center honorees.
8:36 am
we sat down recentply with robert plant jimmy page and john paul jones to talk about why the band is still so popular 40 years later. when led zeppelin first arrived in the united states the music was altogether new. ♪ the days of my youth ♪ rooted in the old rips. ♪ the american blues. ♪ >> we came along and mutilated the blues, twisted it upside down. ♪ >>. >> reporter: the british group reimagined the genre, infused it with influences from around the world. ♪ and played loud erer than any fan of rock 'n' roll had heard before. ♪
8:37 am
>> none of us have come across something with that amount of potential, ever. >> reporter: you felt it? >> absolutely. absolutely. ♪ >> reporter: at the recent kennedy center honors, jack black -- >> led zeppelin! >> reporter: summed up the legend of led zeppelin with three simple words. >> best band ever. >> reporter: take us through how this banned came together finally. >> i'd been playing over here. we were getting pretty sort of avant-garde and experimental during that time. but the band got to a point where it split up, basically. and then the search began for a musician.
8:38 am
>> reporter: page, a celebrated session player first drafted another accomplished studio musician john paul jones. he then travelled to england's midland where he found 19-year-old robert plant howling the blues. and john bonham hammering the drums. >> i went along to see him. i just sort of felt john bonham. >> from that very first song i never experienced anything like that in any of the other bands or situations. >> reporter: when did it get big? '69? >> it got big the minute we met. that's what it meant to us. it was just like, bang, what's that? ♪ >> i think going back to the first album there was so many
8:39 am
colors and catch tunes and leads on it. ♪ ♪ dazed and confused ♪ >> reporter: when did the critics take notice? >> they didn't like us at all. i don't think they really understood what we were doing. >> reporter: did it keep getting better? >> for a long time, yeah. >> reporter: creatively? >> yes. >> we played bigger and bigger venues, which i must admit, i wasn't that keen on the really big venues because i always felt that you lost a lot of the subtlety in the band. ♪ there's a lady ♪ >> i don't think we ever imagined to supply the demand. ♪ and she's climbing the stairway to heaven ♪
8:40 am
>> people kept wanting to come and see us you know more and more and more in droves. that never stopped. >> tonight they broke the world record set by the beatles. ♪ >> i couldn't get over the fact that i was hanging out with janis joplin and people like that. i think it's great, this fraternity of lunacy. >> reporter: as the years moved on, led zeppelin continued to soar. ♪ their music exploring new paths. all eight of the band's studio albums landed in the billboard's top ten, six of them at number one. then in 1980 the death of drummer john bonham stopped the music. >> when john died it had to be over. >> it was a four-piece band.
8:41 am
it would have been impossible to be able to play and not see john bonham there. >> reporter: but three decades the surviving members of the band turned to separate careers, each achieving a new level of success. live aid in 1985 and the 40th anniversary of atlantic records in 1988 thrilled fans but left the banned disappointed. >> it wasn't really, really good. led zeppelin had a reputation. >> reporter: then in 2007 -- ♪ it's been a long time since i rock 'n' roll ♪ >> reporter: robert plant, jimmy page and john paul jones joined john bonham's son jason on stage. ♪ want to get back ♪ >> reporter: to do it one more time. opportunity to go out there and
8:42 am
stand up and be counted and show why we were who we were. ♪ mama said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove ♪ >> reporter: as it happened did you feel it did you know it? >> by song number three i think we knew we were on it. ♪ make you burn gonna make you ♪ >> we had jason playing as well. we'd known him as jason the kid. it was one rehearsal and we all knew he was jason the man. it was working. >> reporter: and everybody in the world knew it. so why did you not take led zeppelin on tour? >> what you know about led zeppelin is you're interviewing us now. you interview lots of people. you have interesting shows. you have to be creative and
8:43 am
imaginative and move on. i think the great essence of led zeppelin is the creativity and imagination that develop with each project and a project is a project. it's not just going back and visiting the past. it's moving forward. and i think that we don't -- i don't see us being a stadium act or whatever is going round and round, making everybody feel great, playing the hits. >> reporter: you didn't know it could build from where it was in 2007 even though it had some relationship to the past. it could be about the future couldn't it, jimmy? you wanted to go on tour didn't you? didn't you want to go on tour? >> wait a minute. wait a minute. 2007 we did it. you have one i don'ter that passes, two years that pass. you're coming into the fifth year. so that's a long while. >> but it is said that it was you, you had developed this other interest and that you did not want to do it. >> i wanted to do great creative
8:44 am
things. these guys are my buddies, my friends. we're soul partners in a big chunk of our creative lives together. it's ever onward. it's not the be all and end all of everything. it's just what we love. ♪ >> reporter: at the best not 2007 at the best did you believe in your brain and your heart and your bones that we are the best band alive? >> yes. >> yes. >> i think we were pretty -- there were a lot of bands from england playing stuff. >> reporter: you're just being too something. >> you see -- >> i resemble that remark. >> i think everybody's good. that's why they do it. >> reporter: but at the same time all of us would like to
8:45 am
have been you. everybody in my generation wanted to be you. just for me it was always about the music. and everything else, whether it was drugs or women or whatever it might be. it was in the e7bd for you guys, too, a side show. >> it was about music. >> reporter: you knew you had found lightning in a box. ♪ sing my song ♪ >> the almosts of led zeppelin you can hear it. >> not always though. >> wait a minute. when you listen to it you can hear what each individual person is putting into that. ♪ >> and that that is the thing i think, it's such a textbook for young musicians.
8:46 am
but yes, without being conceded yes, it was the best band. >> good night. >> wow charlie i have a greater appreciation for led zeppelin, i have to say. >> thank you. >> nicely done. nicely done. >> remarkable musicians, they really are. to be there david ludlum to see these guys and remember how good they were and to see how they have such a spirit together. >> yes, great interview. loved it. loved hearing those tunes. >> it's the music. you can see the tribute to led zeppelin on the kennedy center honors this wednesday at 9:00 p.m. 8:00 central, right here on cbs. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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that song never gets old, mariah carey "all i want for christmas is you." i'm taking a couple days off but i'll see you right here at the christmas table. >> i'll be off on the beaches walking somewhere in the world. that does it for us we take you back to the week that was. here it is. ♪ >> i don't think anything is worse than what happened in this school. >> police say the 20-year-old recluse shot his mother nancy multiple times in the head. >> president obama told the governor of connecticut that friday was the most difficult day of his presidency. >> what kind of kid was adam lanza as a classmate? >> just quiet. >> so what are you telling us?
8:50 am
they're all dead? and he said yes. >> this is governor malloy? >> yes. >> that's how you were told? >> yes. >> they showed up at 5:30 this morning to light the candles because they wanted to make sure they were not forgotten. >> the teachers of newtown have come together and set up the "my helping hands" project. >> he's assistant district attorney out of new york city owns a bar called greenfield's, a terrific place to go. >> you would know. if tomorrow is the end of the world, she wants to go out with a very good experience. you'll be here won't you, charlie. >> yeah but don't miss a good experience. >> o-m-g. >> her name is nicky. >> i burst into song. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪
8:51 am
>> are you proud of yourself dustin? >> i wouldn't go that far. >> look at me. you've got a better shot that i do. >> you know what? you're being too -- >> i resemble that remark. >> may i say i finally forgive you for the ending of "the sopranos." stevey was here. he said how did you want it to end? >> god has called them all home. ♪ come now almighty king ♪ >> puts faces to the numbers of victims, produces a crippling sadness. >> i wish i could just tell her how proud i was of her. >> she with us a person who could just light up a room. i'm so blessed to be her dad.
8:52 am
>> may god bless and keep those we've lost in his heavenly place. ♪ amen ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
ce chase in antioch good morning everyone. it's 8:55. a police chase in anitoch end inside a fiery crash overnight. officers were trying to stop two suspects who robbed the bon fair market on 10th street around 1:00 this morning. one suspect was arrested after the car crashed into a wall and burst into flames. a second suspect is still on the run. police called out to bay area shopping centers this among to handle the big crowds. it's all in response of this shoe. it's the release of the new air jordan 11. >> and with a major storm bearing down on the bay area, busiest travel day of the
8:55 am
season, airline officials have canceled 35 flights in and out of sfo. one out of manettea international. no flights out of oakland. if you are traveling check with your airline ahead of time. here is lawrence with the forecast. >> also arriving flights four-hour delays thanks to to the storm system bearing down on the bay. winds over 30 miles an hour. could see gusts to 50 on the coastline. heavy rainfall in the north bay. some of the mountains there in the north bay seeing some rain amounts. almost 5 inches of rain already. this is a slow moving storm. the rain will be on and off to make for a soggy friday. if you have plans for the weekend plan on some wet weather. we are expecting rain on and off as a series of systems going to roll through a dry monday. more rain expected wednesday. we are going to check out our timesaver traffic coming up next.
8:56 am
8:57 am
2u good morning. overall traffic has been light. the only travel spot is on the 101 at marsh. traffic busy due it an again blocking lanes. delays as you approach the scene. northbound 101 not showing any troubles right now. travel times are okay right now
8:58 am
northbound 101 from 90 to the 2le 80 split. and an accident clearing at the bay bridge near the unclean. va wonderful weekend, everyone.
8:59 am
>> announcer: today...over 200 dishes and now we're counting down -- >> rachael: our top 10 recipes of 2012 picked by you guys. >> it's really good. >> announcer: enticing chicken dinners. >> looks so good sounds really good, too. >> announcer: unbelievable desert from an unlikely source. >> making a mess with the waffle iron. >> announcer: most popular pastas. >> if you could smell this you would die. incredible. >> announcer: which dish is number one? >> rachael: how about that? >> announcer: find out and cook along with us. >> what is so hard about this? [cheers and applause]

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